17 June, 2014

Felt Dragon toys for Girls and Boys

I have had dragons in me for quite a while 
~ creatively speaking ~
and actually crafted these dragon families in Autumn. 
With stories of St George and the Dragon, 
St Michael and The Hungry Dragon on my mind -
& in my children's hearts. 

Our nature table was filled with all things Autumnal
and items reflective of Waldorf Michaelmas celebrations.

Here we are in Winter now in Australia, 
and I have now photographed and listed the dragons
for Girls AND for Boys
(in my etsy store), 
in plenty of time for Fall in the Northern Hemisphere.


And this is me now.
With my super short hair.
Behind the scenes.
Photographing dragons and other fantastical things!

If you do stop by my etsy store to see all the felt dragon family photos,
(they were ever so good at sitting still for their photo shoot)
I would love to know what you think .

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