01 June, 2014

A new season - Winter - Our new booklist in the sidebar

Life has been busy these last months.
However the weather is cooling here in the Southern Hemisphere 
and we are slowing down.
Over the last few months our children have been 
building up their immune systems. 
(Yes, they've been ill several times.)
Though with this comes growth. Much growth.
We have seen pronounced changes in their height, shoe size, 
teeth (coming and going) and facial features. 
Their interests have diversified dramatically. 
Their behaviour and reactions have matured.

And today, I feel my booklist reflects these changes.
Such as, with titles to help me parent my children 
as they reach significant ages of transition.
For our strong-willed, loving and questioning 6 year old ::

...and for our curious, caring and sometimes anxious 8 year old,
who is approaching Rudolf Steiner's named time of the 'Rubicon Crossing'::

With books to read full of wonder for our 6 year old, such as 

and books with strength, fantasy and mystery for our 8 year old.
Such as The eight year old legend book by Isabel Wyatt

Craft books to suit their now more specific interests.
Our 6 year old loves origami and the magic of light - so
Magical Window Stars by Frederique Gueret

and our 8 year old who is very in touch with his senses -

Then of course there are Waldorf children's titles, 
books on warming food to share and hand-crafts, 
all to nourish this Mama's passions.

How I DO Love Books.

As always, we plan to stay warm, with our hands,
hearts and minds, busy this Winter.
I wish that for you too.


  1. Wow! The window stars book looks lovely! There are some great titles there Aleta :) Thanks for sharing.
    Yes, Winter is certainly coming. I'm in front of the fire on a dreary day here! And loving it! :)

  2. Do you know Bekka, I think I would be equally as happy with my life if I had all of the time in the world to just sit and read books all day!
    There's So Many wonderful and extremely tempting titles out there.

    & It's lovely snuggling up in front of the fire. Crafting, reading, playing a game or even indulging in a wee glass of port. Sounds like heaven!

  3. So long since I have read a book just for me! Loving looking through your titles, really want to find some time to try my hand at a few waldorf dolls and love your book suggestion :)


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