02 March, 2014


I LOVE leaves.
Varied in shape, size, location, colour...
I have made a few lately, and as I look back, 
I see they've often been a theme in our work and play.

You may have found some of my leaves gifted in your parcel,
from my etsy store ♥ 

Crocheted Fern leaf gift
Harvest mother and Autumnly delights
Tree jewellery

Collected leaf selection - 
to inspire us

Quiet morning drawing
 And now Autumn arrives again.
The leaves are already falling.
And each of us endlessly pick them up.
Collect them, treasure them, draw them
and use them to create. 

 We love leaves.  


  1. Your leaves are beautiful - I particularly like the first picture. You have inspired me to do some of my own. Autumn is my favourite time of year so I love decorating the house with acorns and warm autumn colours. I've been busy crocheting some acorns for our 'seasonal tree' that sits on our table so some fabric leaves will look great with it.

  2. I think so too Tina.
    So pleased you've been inspired.
    We love to bring nature inside...


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