21 March, 2014

The Pros,Cons & actual Experience of shaving my head (against Blood Cancer)

  As you can imagine, before I shaved it, I thought A LOT about 
shaving all of my long hair off for charity.

19 March, 2014

Slippery Elm homemade cough drops - Home herbal remedy lozenge for a sore throat ♥

Sore throats and coughs have been re-surfacing around us.
In preperation, I thought we should perhaps have some cough drops to hand.
An activity little fingers just adore to help me with.

02 March, 2014


I LOVE leaves.
Varied in shape, size, location, colour...
I have made a few lately, and as I look back, 
I see they've often been a theme in our work and play.

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