15 February, 2014

Buzzing felted Bees arrive at their - Waldorf inspired - wooden Beehive

To me, Bees represent Summer, Harmony 
and certainly the fragility of our World.

Built by local bees, within our driveway telephone connection box
 As Spring began, I started thinking of the humble bee. 
Wanting to both represent and pay tribute to 
 this industrious little creature - in our homes. 
Yours AND Mine.

 Before Summer came, the idea was formed.
The designs were drawn and the discussions began 
as to how best create a beehive... from wood.

The bees too have been a work in progress.
Should I sew, draw, wet or dry felt? 
Fabric, felt, fleece?

Summer here is waning...
Though it will come around again and again...
And so now,
I am ready to share.

I have made only 5 of these sweet play sets to share with you.
They have taken much thought, time and endless love to produce.
They will be available in my etsy store 
until sold out.
I hope you enjoy them.


  1. They are gorgeous thanks for sharing xxxx

  2. They are wonderful! Such beautiful work, both the exquisite wood hive and the sweet wool bees!

    1. Such beautiful words, Rachel.
      Thanks so much


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