07 September, 2014

A Must See: Complimentary local artists exhibition begins in One Weeks Time!

There's something I like to do,
when time and occasion permits...
And that is to stroll around and enjoy - Beauty.
Whether a walk amongst the trees or viewing the impressions of artists,
I fill up, with Happiness and Wonder. 

I have enjoyed first hand, 
the work of both of these talented Sunshine Coast artists -
who have come together to exhibit their work.
I personally think their contrasting studies of love, 
compliment each other extremely well.

If you are able to make it, 
I DO recommend attending this exhibition.
To stroll around, enjoy...
and fill your own cup with Beauty


Expressions of Love II - Lovingly Interrupted
  This exhibition brings together established contemporary artist Kim Schoenberger’s collection of treasured memories assembled from the humble teabag. And introduces emerging artist Anne Harris's work of naturally dyed, painted and stitched images exploring the emotions of love.

Official Opening 14th September 3.30pm
Closes 28th September
Where: Gallery 159, 159 Payne Road, The Gap, Brisbane
For those attending from the Sunshine Coast. A group bus has been organised for opening night.

Please call Anne 0433 162 847 for more information.

18 August, 2014

An etsy treasury, full of magic and wonder - 'I believe'

It's been a long time between my etsy treasuries 
(Defn: a collection of wonderfulness from the etsy website).

However, I think this has been worth the wait?


I tried to include representations of all the 
magic and wonder we believe in as children...
I admit, I believe in most of it - still

I love every item I've chosen.
And nearly every one of the etsy shops
I've included, have even more items I love!

You might too.
Please do stop by and have a look at my
etsy treasury.

17 June, 2014

Felt Dragon toys for Girls and Boys

I have had dragons in me for quite a while 
~ creatively speaking ~
and actually crafted these dragon families in Autumn. 
With stories of St George and the Dragon, 
St Michael and The Hungry Dragon on my mind -
& in my children's hearts. 

15 June, 2014

Apple muffin recipe - our gluten free sugar free Apple Muffins

On a Sunday, we like to slow things down when we can.
And this Sunday was so beautiful, the sky so blue, the air so warm, 
we were feeling extra motivated to get things done.
So now I'm all caught up on the washing, 
our pets are enjoying a bit of sun (hermit crabs), 
we've baked and now we can sit down to do some family craft.
Today it's making Winter window stars and suns from Kite Paper.

We prefer to avoid gluten and sugar when we can, 
but love our sweet treats.
So I am sharing this morning's muffin recipe, 
as they turned out so very deliciously.

01 June, 2014

A new season - Winter - Our new booklist in the sidebar

Life has been busy these last months.
However the weather is cooling here in the Southern Hemisphere 
and we are slowing down.
Over the last few months our children have been 
building up their immune systems. 
(Yes, they've been ill several times.)
Though with this comes growth. Much growth.
We have seen pronounced changes in their height, shoe size, 
teeth (coming and going) and facial features. 
Their interests have diversified dramatically. 
Their behaviour and reactions have matured.

And today, I feel my booklist reflects these changes.

08 April, 2014

Easter ! Felt! Upcycling! Craft ideas & Free patterns - How To make your own cuddly Easter gifts

Would you like to Make some Easter gifts this year?
Something a little different?
And depending on your child's skill levels (with scissors and hand-sewing),
they may be able to join in with making these too. 

I have made all sorts of soft and cuddly toys this Easter. 
All original design that I would like to share with you.
See below for the Free Easter egg toy template link.

01 April, 2014

Egg pouch softie. Original Easter crafts by Hinterland Mama (for our local paper: Eumundi Green)

Egg pouch softies
I have made a bunch of these egg pouch softies this Easter. 
An original design that I would like to share with you
to make as gifts for and with your children.

21 March, 2014

The Pros,Cons & actual Experience of shaving my head (against Blood Cancer)

  As you can imagine, before I shaved it, I thought A LOT about 
shaving all of my long hair off for charity.

19 March, 2014

Slippery Elm homemade cough drops - Home herbal remedy lozenge for a sore throat ♥

Sore throats and coughs have been re-surfacing around us.
In preperation, I thought we should perhaps have some cough drops to hand.
An activity little fingers just adore to help me with.

02 March, 2014


I LOVE leaves.
Varied in shape, size, location, colour...
I have made a few lately, and as I look back, 
I see they've often been a theme in our work and play.

28 February, 2014

My first etsy treasury - Bohemian Traveller

I have been creating this etsy treasury for around 6 months.
So a couple of things have sold since I began.
But doesn't everything compliment each other so well?
How could I make changes?


20 February, 2014

I'm shaving my head to raise money for charity. Brave Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation.

This is me, Aleta Bon in February 2014.
I have decided to shave off all of my hair to 
raise funds for the Australian Leukaemia Foundation.
On March 12th I am joining the Pomona Community House 
morning tea from 9.30am, where a hairdresser 
will shave my auburn locks.

15 February, 2014

Buzzing felted Bees arrive at their - Waldorf inspired - wooden Beehive

To me, Bees represent Summer, Harmony 
and certainly the fragility of our World.

Built by local bees, within our driveway telephone connection box
 As Spring began, I started thinking of the humble bee. 
Wanting to both represent and pay tribute to 
 this industrious little creature - in our homes. 
Yours AND Mine.

12 February, 2014

Getting the garden ready for Autumn

This last week has been all about DIY. 
Getting outside and getting onto
the projects we've been putting off until cooler weather. 

First, our pot garden needed reviewing.

I moved all of the strawberries into planter boxes made from 
old pallets by My Man. Souped up the soil and thinned
out the passionfruit and herbs.

 Meanwhile, our boys were having a ball removing 
the weather-worn canvas from this swing seat. 
Making light work of this happy task.
Later they (of course) made a 'cubby' out of the frame.

And this is what all the fuss has been about.
A shade house!
Again, the planter boxes have been made from old pallets.
The screen door came from the shop at the tip (rubbish dump).
We've only used 50% strength (gifted) shade cloth around the sides 
and only netting across the top.
With all of the trees around us, we really don't need more shade.

Happy to be planting out our new shade house 
with Autumn crops (for Fall), as we head toward the seasonal
change the end of Summer brings.
We've chosen heirloom varieties of tomatoes, carrots & lettuce.With beetroot, zucchini, broccoli, snow peas & capsicum, for now.
 We've filled it already. Although plan to rotate boxes as we go 
and start seeds in smaller batches from now on.
I'm feeling terribly excited at the prospect of eating the vegetables we grow.
As opposed to growing much of our produce to share with the local wildlife!

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