21 July, 2013

Sing me a Rainbow... SUNDAYS: 21st July 2013

Sundays mean many things, to many people.
To me, this is the day to 
Slow down
Spend time with family, 
and to Smile.
Rainbows in all their forms, 
always brighten my day & lift my heart. 
I hope you love them too.

Rainbow tunic dress
Source: Waldorfmama

Wooly knit weekend rainbow dress
Source: ottermoondesigns., etsy

Hand-dyed knitted tunic 'Tunisia' merino/silk yarn
Source: Tashashu (Svetlana)

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in the comments, 
 for others to Seek and enjoy.<

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15 July, 2013

Stacking Rainbow Giveaway Winners!

There was such a wonderful response from around the globe
to enter this very Rainbow giveaway.
Thank you!
The love for the products of Scarlette Rose Fairy was 
very obvious as I read through the comments.
Such a feel good thing to do!

To let you all know, I noted the entries on email, facebook and those that sidled over sneakily to my spam folder, as well as your comments on the blog post itself. 
So please, everyone - know that your entry was included when I tallied entries 
and headed over to random.org.

I know you are here to see which lucky names were drawn, 
so with no further ado, here they are:

The Winner of the Bright Rainbow Stacker was:
"The wood stacking children's apple tree is great! Either rainbow would be amazing. Thanks for the chance!"

 The Winner of the Pastel Rainbow Stacker was:
"Wow, these are absolutely beautiful. What a clever clogs. I thought her little rainbow people were cute. If I was to win, I'd be blessed to have either but if I had to decided between them I'd like the pastel colours."
(Incidently Kate blogs over at the wonderful - Laughing Kids Learn)

Congratulations to the super-lucky winners! 
& Thank you again to each who entered, shared and supported 
this Giveaway.
With so much love from 
Aleta of Hinterland Mama and

07 July, 2013

Sing me a Rainbow... SUNDAYS: 7-7-13 !!! Wooden Rainbow Stacker Giveaway !!!

Sundays mean many things, to many people.
To me, this is the day to 
Slow down
Spend time with family, 
and to Smile.
Rainbows in all their forms, 
always brighten my day & lift my heart. 
I hope you love them too.
This Sunday, I have something especially wonderful for you.
Tangible Rainbows!

 TWO Large
Rainbow  Stackers,
made by the family home business::
Scarlette Rose Fairy
are being offered in our Sunday Rainbow giveaway.

Scarlette Rose Fairy is the brainchild of Ema Lou.
Creative Mama to two sweet children, 
who love to play with wooden toys,
wear bright, light clothes and headbands.
All of which are available in her etsy and ebay stores.
Ema Lou designs the pieces and brings them to life, 
using safe, Australian paints and polishes.
For a little more Scarlette Rose Fairy, 
you can follow on facebook.

 To go into the draw to win 1 of these 
2 Large Rainbow Stackers
generously being given away,
please visit one of Scarlette Rose Fairy's stores and
let us know another item that you Love 
on etsy and ebay

  • When leaving your comment, also add whether you would prefer to win the 'bright', 'pastel' or 'either' rainbow!
  • Please make sure there is a valid email address to contact you, if you win!
  • Entries close Sunday 14th July, 8pm (AEST)
  • This giveaway Is open Internationally. 
  • The two winners will be selected by Random number generator at Random.org

01 July, 2013

Viva, Lucha Libre Peg Dolls!!!

On a recent trip to Mexico to see her family, 
a friend thoughtfully returned with 
Luchadore dress-up masks for our boys.

Lucha Libre or 'free-fighting' professional wrestling was 
previously unknown to us
so our boys use them more as Super Power masks.

But then...
Margaret of We Bloom Here brought me up to speed. 
She was making Lucha Libre Peg Dolls !
As was Stephanie of Knitty Gritty Homestead.
Did I want to join in? 

Here are my wrestlers.
Do their masks look familiar?
I couldn't resist!
(The wood-burnt muscles were most certainly 
a bit of extra fun)

El Demonio Antipático
(The Unfriendly Demon)
La Cebra Confusa
(The Confused Zebra)
Pedro piña
(Pineapple Pete)

Face off
~ mano a mano ~
They wait...
and wait...
Well, they are Peg Dolls *wink*
what did you think they would do next?

Little Pipkin with his masked Luchadore.

And Mr Turtle with his. 
Getting in the spirit. 
We have had quite some fun with these!

for a little more Lucha Libre Peg Doll fun!
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