09 June, 2013

Sing me a Rainbow... SUNDAYS: 9-June-2013

Today's rainbows have a very natural feel.
Sundays mean many things, to many people.
To me, this is the day to 
Slow down
Spend time with family, 
and to Smile.
Rainbows in all their forms, 
always brighten my day & lift my heart. 
I hope you love them too.

Autumn landscape, photographer: Olegas Kurasovas
Source: National Geographic, wallpaper

Colourful leaves, wallpaper
Source: wallpapers wide

Rainbow garden, afternoon light
Source: Blake Bentley, Flickr
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in the comments, 
 for others to Seek and enjoy.<

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  1. Our persimmon trees' leaves are changing colour at the moment, we have been having lots of fun with the rainbows in our backyards lately.

    1. Your backyard sounds an absolute delight to be in at this time of year ♥

  2. Collect a rainbow - activities for kids

    1. Thank you for sharing this link Lesley. I've been for a visit and do so love your ways of enjoying rainbows even more, with our little ones!


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