20 June, 2013

Our new Bug Hotel home - family garden project

We have a little garden.
Home grown food is fun.

We notice the worms in the soil.
The butterflies and bees flying to and fro.
The lady bugs on the leaves.

There are other creatures too.
Lizards, frogs and spiders.

We know they are already at home here,
and hoped we could entice more.

We decided to make the little creatures a Bug Hotel.
To come and go as they pleased.
What do you think?
Wouldn't you feel at home here, if you were a bug?

How to...
We bought this hand-made, pre-loved box from a garage sale.

Collected a pile of sticks, pods, pine cones, palm fronds and discarded wood
from around the shed and garden.

We snapped and I sawed each piece collected, to the approximate length.
Then it was a simple job of filling up the box.
I placed the box upright so that the pieces all settled 
as gravity wished them too.

We stacked the larger pieces first, 
then filled the gaps with twigs and torn palm fronds.

And here it is, awaiting it's new inhabitants.

 While our home's existing ones, 
again raid the garden for snack time.


  1. yes, yes, if I were a garden bug, I would definitely want to live in your bug hotel!


  2. I love this idea Aleta, and it looks awesome too!

  3. My son (7) and I are planning to make something along these lines and I am wondering did you take the back off the box? Thanks


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