31 May, 2013

Turning my hand back to jewellery making - branch slice and resin photo pendants - Nature Jewelry

The very first craft I regularly practiced as an adult, was jewellery making.
I find creating wearable art, very rewarding.
However, it has hovered on the outskirts while I have been turning my hands to other creative endeavours.
Inspired by the gorgeous spiralled branch slices below, 
I recently began again to think of jewellery making.  
Wearing small pieces of nature.

'Spiral tree branch slice wooden pendant - unsealed'
...see the bark...
'tree branch slice wooden pendant - sealed'
Having seen the gorgeous resin feature pendants around, 
I realised I could also incorporate some of my 
photographs of the nature around me.

'Palm tree bark (heart) wooden round resin pendant'
'White toadstool wooden round resin pendant'
'Moss on bark wooden round resin pendant'
'Red mini toadstool mushroom wooden round resin pendant'
 These have each been adhered to a wooden coin-shaped base.

And below. The two combined. 
Photographs on a tree branch slice. 
Makes for a chunkier pendant.
'Palm tree bark (heart) branch slice resin necklace'
'Moss on bark branch slice resin necklace'
'Red mini toadstool mushroom, branch slice resin necklace'
 All available for you too.
While stocks last.
In my etsy shop.


  1. The wooden pendants are gorgeous!

  2. I love wooden jewelry and I also make it from wood slices. Your jewelry is very good :-)


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