14 May, 2013

Scribbly Gum tree bark - Our Natural Art Installation

Both the boys and I find the Scribble Gum tree 
or Scribbly Bark eucalyptus 
that grows quite prolifically up here on the Sunshine Coast, 
such a gift.

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We love to spot them at school, at parks & playgrounds and on bush walks.
The 'scribbles' are actually the tracks left behind by burrowing larvae 
- of the Scribbly moth.
These moths are fairly particular on which trees they lay their eggs. 
Although, we have found these squiggles on tree stumps 
and timber play equipment too. 

On one such bush walk on a friend's property, 
I picked up a fallen piece of scribble gum bark. 
It had curled upon itself to form a cylinder.
It was uninhabited, striking and strong.
I brought it home, wanting to honour it someway and make it part of our home.
I had it balanced here and there, for a while ...

Drilled holes. Hemp string.
until I had the idea to hang it.

We now have a scribble gum art installment in our home.
Created by Mother Nature herself. 

 It may not be everyone's cup of tea when they come to visit.
however, it is indeed mine.

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