03 May, 2013

Pincushions and more Pin cushions

For many of us, creating is such a necessary part of our lives.
Whether it be sewing, crafting or another hands-on activity.
Having the right materials to hand makes this all the easier, 
when the right moment presents itself.
(When you are a Mama, often these moments come in small snippets).
And having quality materials to hand, makes the experience one to savour.

I know my pincushions to possess that quality.
They are made from a timber that grows and is processed locally.
They are Warm, Strong and simply Gorgeous to look on, touch and use.
The fabrics are re-purposed. 
The fleece pure wool.

 The decorative pins I have made from lightweight paper clay 
are just a fun addition to the felt hillock cushions.

Available now in my etsy store
For an ideal Mother's Day gift.
Or as a timeless treat for yourself.
One to ensure her self-nourishment.


  1. Oh I adore these Aleta, especially the one with the mini houses, just gorgeousness!!!

    1. Thank you Kelly. You are always so wonderfully supportive and I truly appreciate it ♥

  2. Replies
    1. I am so pleased you like them, Starr x
      Such a beautiful name you have ...


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