07 May, 2013

Our sandpit encourages innovation, cooperation and independent sand play

At each of our homes we have tried to have sand, 
or at least a mound of dirt, for our children to play in.
A few months ago we finally built a large one here, under the trees.

Little Pipkin was rather eager to have the 'sand' 
- not just the empty 'pit' - in our back yard.

 Our sand pit (sand box) now fits all who wish to join in.
As you can see, playing 'together' can mean independently too.

Cooperatively finding crystals, mysteriously buried here by visiting gnomes.
Gross motor skills getting a work out while digging
 In Heaven on Earth, by Sharifa Oppenheimer,
she suggests that children should have a large
space, lots of sand and a water source away from the pit. 
 This is just what we have and it works for us.

We regularly visit the ocean and river, 
which also fits Sharifa's description.
 Although in Our day-to-day lives, 
having a sand pit is often a little more practical.

Sand play provides opportunities for creativity and imagination.
A tactile experience for the senses.
Wet or dry.
Build, dig, bury, excavate.
Sift, sprinkle, tunnel, mound. 
Castles, holes, roads, sculptures.

I don't think there are any age specifications for sand pits. 
Children of all ages can find their own way of sand play.
My Man created a volcano just last week with our boys.
Along the lines of this Youtube video.
I missed out on this one (hence no photos).
It sounded like Dad had as much fun as our boys did.


  1. Beautiful. We also JUST dug up our backyard to create a sandpit. The kids adore it! They spend endless hours out there digging and playing. xx m.

    1. It provides such a wonderfully free environment for our little ones to express themselves ♥

  2. lovely sandpit...we just finished ours too and the girls are having so much fun it....they provide so many different opportunities for play don't they?

    1. They DO Jodie. And Safe play - in One place! I must admit, that appeals to me too at times. My boys (aged 5 & 7) are so often up trees or off in the wilderness somewhere these days ;)

  3. Looks like a great sandpit, and like they are having a great time :-) the woooden tools are very nice!

    1. We love it Kelly. And the tools too. The wooden forks were a gift to the boys from our woodworking buddies. They're salad servers! ;)


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