21 May, 2013

Night time drawing: part of our evening rhythm to calm and wind down before bed

We have included a new activity as part of our evening rhythm.
It's our third month and is going so well,
 I thought I might share it with the world.

 It has been a morning activity for years. 
I would leave all of the 'art stuff' on the table, 
sometimes with a surprise printed picture, overnight. 
Our boys would get up in the morning and go straight to drawing or colouring. 
It would give me that little extra time to 
wake up properly in the mornings. 
But one day last year, they were no longer interested.

Now we do things a little differently.
I sit with them. 
After dinner, bath, jammies.
We usually light a candle and create or colour in (mostly) silence. 
Quiet winding down time, together.
Before teeth, story and bed.

It's a way to think through and offload the day.
Express and nurture our creative side.

With the occasional writing activity thrown in.
Really I just go with the flow of what the children want to do
in this time. Another reason perhaps they really look
forward to this time of night.
I know I do.

Please let me know your experiences if you try this. 
Or have a similar before bed activity.


  1. What a lovely idea. In two weeks we will finish our homeschooling academic year and I think I will introduce this as a tweak to our daily/nightly rhythm. It sounds like it will help my boys wind down nicely after a busy day at play. Thanks for the idea.

    1. I am so pleased you've found some inspiration here Lynn. It is such a lovely way for us to end our day.

  2. I love this Aleta! What gorgeous little artists you have :-) We've just started incorporating yoga into our night time rhythm, and I love it {safe to say the kids do too ~ Little Miss Q in particular!}

    1. Little Pipkin is a HUGE Yoga fan too. He creates new poses regularly ;) I'm sure you can imagine some of the names!
      Little Pipkin has always enjoyed drawing and colouring, and Mr Turtle has only just discovered a passion for it recently. So the timing has been just right.
      Thanks for your comments, Kelly x


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