16 April, 2013

Teensy baby green tree frogs

 On our most recent visit to our friend's home. 
(They live amongst the sumptuous sub-tropical Sunshine Coast wilderness)
We discovered many baby green tree frogs!

 In our own lush sub-tropical back garden, we also have tree frogs
Which exact species I am unsure.
However, now that we have eradicated most of the Cane Toads, we have been eager for repopulation of these native species to commence!
So, I ever so carefully captured some of these beautiful babies,
just before our journey home.

And after only a very short while, 
released them into a very wet bromeliad plant
(we've had a lot of rain here recently).

I have been researching species of our region. 
Feeling they must be one of THESE


Want to see just how tiny these tree frogs were?:

This is My Man's pointer finger!

How I hope we spot these little ones often, 
living healthily and happily in our yard.

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