24 April, 2013

Simplicity of Limes - iceblocks and resulting centrepiece

We've been having a rather hot week.
With the odd night-time rainfall.
Gorgeous Autumn weather.

Hot days mean my children's minds turn to frozen ice-blocks after school.
One of our favourites is lime...

Hinterland Mama's lime icy poles
8 limes
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup water

After our family iceblock making I looked upon the empty lime skins
with fondness. 
Not the compost pile just yet, surely!

So we took some to the bathroom, to freshen our tap-ware.
And the rest went into a bowl, in the centre of our table.
To freshen our home, and encourage a general happy harmony.

Such a scent!
You might like to try it too.
Limes are in season in Australia, right now.

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