10 April, 2013

My Little Pipkin's 5th birthday

My littlest one turned 5 last week.
How does that come about?

 We organised a party.
It rained hard, so at the last moment, we relocated to our home.
The Big boys didn't seem to mind.

This is the only game we had prepared. 
Cornhole, with Mama-made beanbags.
I needn't have been concerned however.
A group of children will make their own games...

 Once the Dads joined in, well...
the beanbags didn't make it to the end of the party unharmed.

Many of us know how much my boys love science.
Little Pipkin playing with one of his gifts.
Creating a closed electrical circuit to make a light bulb glow.
My elated boy, as we all sang to him, in celebration.

 The requested cake: 
Orange, with Orange cream and Strawberries (in a spiral)

And the party bags?
(Lucky I took a before shot - the beanbags were much muddier
than this if I had taken an after photo!)
I prefer to avoid the traditional sweets myself...
  • Stickers
  • Origami fortune tellers with instructions
  • String game, with instructions
  • Unfortunately the beanbags didn't quite make it home with the guests. 
 Happy birthday to my sweet boy.
Mama loves you So Much!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the big five-year-old! Five is such an important age isn't it?

    The cake looks delightfully delicious AND I have that fabric that you used on your bean bags!

    Wishing you a beautiful day!


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