18 April, 2013

Kite paper hanging mobile craft

Little Pipkin is turning out to be rather crafty.
He'll choose to make or do every time. 
Rather like his Mama.
Although, he will always follow a project all the way through 
until it's end, in a single sitting.
Not a trait I've ever mastered.

He 'read' this project in a book a while back. 
(ie.: memorised the step by step photographic instructions)
I apologise to the author, 
as I have no recollection which book this might have come from.
And asked me for the materials he couldn't find himself.

 Using kite paper, he selected and glued two coloured squares 
to a piece of transparent plastic sheeting.
Shapes were cut out in various ways and glued to these larger squares.

 Using templates, he traced out larger shapes.

 Cut these shapes out.

 And taped them to our windows and glass doors for a few days. 
Giving a similar effect to our folded window stars.

 They came down and were then taped onto string. 
A loop in the top. 
A glass bead tied to the bottom.

To be hung in the boy's room. 
Where they blow gently in the breeze of an open window. 
And cast faint coloured shadows on the walls as the sun streams in.

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