19 March, 2013

Silk Fabric and Silk Yarn dyed eggs for Easter

Egg decoration around Easter time, 
has been practiced for centuries, the world over.
Each celebrating culture have their own traditional means of decoration.
In our home, we too like to celebrate Easter by decorating eggs, which we hang from a branch – as an Easter tree. 

 This year we are using silk fabric dyed eggs. 
A method where the fabric pattern imprints onto the shell.
It’s very simple, magical and effective.
Here is how we do it.

Tip #1 The lighter the colour of the egg shell 
- the more contrasted, the end result.
Tip #2 Use recycled silk fabric, from retired clothing, bags, 
work ties, boxer shorts, saris…

 1.       Blow an egg by tapping a small hole in the top and bottom. Blow firmly in long breaths, over a bowl. Then wash out the egg shells.

          2. Cut squares of silk fabric large enough to cover an egg completely. 
Excess fabric can be trimmed later.
3.       Cut similar sized squares of plain white cotton fabric.



4.       Wrap each egg fairly tightly (and carefully!) with a piece of silk first. Brightest side against the egg. Then wrap around with a piece of cotton fabric. Secure with twist ties or rubber bands. (The cotton will help prevent leakage of dye from the silk into the water.)
5.       Place all of the wrapped eggs into a large aluminium-free saucepan and cover with hot water. Add several Tablespoons of white vinegar.  (approx. 1 per egg)

6.       Weight down the eggs with a plate, as they will float.
7.       Gently bring to the boil, then simmer for ½ hr. Remove and leave to cool.

 8.       Carefully unwrap each layer. Revealing the decorated eggshell is a magical moment for all watching. Allow the water to drain from the eggs.
9.       Rub a dot of oil or beeswax over the entire surface of the egg, to enhance the colour.

 * I also decided to try using some dyed silk yarn wrapped around the eggs, using exactly the same instructions, as above. Containing the silk yarn within the cotton fabric.
After some trial and error, I found that pre- wetting the egg and yarn helped the yarn stay in place.  
The results were beautiful. And the yarn still usable after drying off. *

To hang the eggs on a branch Easter tree – tie a length of cotton or fishing wire to a thin stick. Pop the stick into the hole in the top of the egg. It will turn sideways and support the thread from inside the egg.

Suggestions on how to use these eggs to create excitement on Easter Sunday.
·         Dress a fallen branch in a vase on Easter Eve. When your children get up in the morning, they’ll love the newly decorated tree.

 ·         Follow the steps above (omitting step 1) to create hard-boiled eggs. However, only boil for 15mins. Serve the decorated eggs for breakfast.
·         Create a treasure hunt by hiding the decorated eggs (perhaps add clues or a map for older children)
·         Place in a basket or bowl on the meal table, for a festive decoration.
For further egg decoration ideas, try my round up from around the web.

As featured in Eumundi Green article entitled: 
Dyeing eggs forEaster, with patterned silk fabric 


  1. such cute eggs. I absolutely want a try!! www.borsefirmateit.com

  2. Oh my, that is so cool. I have seen the one where you can form a print of nature on the egg but I haven't seen this. That's really awesome! I love how you encouraged using recycled too, good girl! :)

  3. So beautiful! We too have an easter tree - i will have to see if I can find some silk scarves to try this.

  4. Beautiful, the silk ones turned out beautifully!

  5. Thanks fr the tutorial, I have never done this type of thing and I always wondered how you get the egg out properly :-) thanks for the tips. I must try this.

  6. These are lovely! I didn't know you could make them so easily...thanks for sharing your tutorial. Yours came out with some beautiful designs...so clever and creative!

  7. How clever- I love the way the pattern is transferred to the egg shell

  8. Wow, these are beautiful. Well done!

  9. So beautiful! Just have go comment on the beautiful you at the top of the blog too. Pinning this.

  10. I loved making these--even if no one else wanted to. So fun! I


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