01 March, 2013

Floating fleece doll gift for R's 7th birthday

We have a dear, dear friend. 
She finds beauty in everything around her 
and prefers to surround and adorn herself 
with pretty things and loveliness.
She also has a real passion for hand-created things. 
Both to give and receive.

All of these things combined, led me to making her a 
floating fleece lady doll for her 7th birthday.
I wanted it to be special.

 I chose our lady's colours as it is early Autumn here.
They needed to be as bright as the foliage and flowers  are
here in the abundant Autumn Showers,
yet muted enough to avoid reflecting South east QLD in the Spring
Also to reflect our hinterland / coastal setting.

 I Do hope little 'R' loves her so. 
However, if I know her at all, she will.

Our Little Pipkin also made 'R' a gift. 
Something to add to her land of imagination.
A King!
Both of our boys believe that making and giving are (usually) synonymous.
Something to enjoy as a creative Mama, I think.


  1. How gorgeous Aleta, this lady is beautiful. Do you use a particular pattern for this one or used your own design?

  2. Oh she is just exquisite! I know she will be so very loved.


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