13 March, 2013

A round up of fun Easter egg decorating techniques, from around the web

I have been collecting ideas to decorate Easter eggs for many a year, 
since becoming a Mama.
& every idea I've had for decorating, 
I have found has been done before 
- with beautiful images and often tutorials.
Of course I hope to try them all with my little ones,
however, they all won't be this year.
So instead of keeping this list to myself, 
I want to share it with you.

I'm sure you too, shall be inspired.

Natural egg dyeing tutorial.  
Wonderful for children to be involved in.
Source: The Blender

Dyeing eggs with flowers and leaves on them, 
to create this gorgeous botanical effect.

Stencilling already dyed eggs, with doilies.

Stamping tissue paper and carefully cutting around it to adhere to egg.
(Decorations on some paper napkins, or toilet paper! would work too)

After dyeing your eggs, use white stickers to make these effective decorations.

Decorating boiled eggs with marker pens

Marbelising easter egg dyes, using oil.
Melted crayons act as a resist while these eggs are being dyed.
Source: The Artful Parent
Painted eggs. 
Acrylic paints would achieve this bright, layered affect.
Source: PolkaDotPonie

I knew I wouldn't have to look too hard 
to find some gorgeous Washi tape designs.
Source: Lovely Indeed 

 Poured beeswax eggshell candle
A beautiful gift idea, especially from kids to grown ups

 Spring grass, herbs or plants in eggshell planter
Makes a lovely Easter gift alternative
Yarn, thread or wool wrapped eggs.

I love the elegance and 'old-world-ness' of this idea.
Decoupage. Silhouettes.
I think I would try a sepia...
Source: Rook No 17

 A romantic idea I think.
Trimming with ribbon and lace.

Hot glueing designs on eggs before dyeing...
although I think they look rather fantastic like this!
Source: Creative Connections for Kids

Wrap rubber bands around your eggs, before dyeing.
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

 Another take with elastic bands.
This time building up the colours in layers.
Source: Inkspired Musings

For a Spring garden full of flowers, try using a toothpick to delicately paint your dyed eggs.
(reminds me of nail decorating in Bali)
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Tissue paper dyed eggs tutorial.
Source: Edeltraud mit punkten
English translation 

 Tie Dyeing eggs with food colouring
Source: Spoonful

Here's one from Hinterland Mama.
Silk fabric and yarn dyeing.
Much more advanced egg decorating techniques

Purely for our enjoyment. 
The musings of a true Pysanka (Ukranian Easter Egg) Artist.

A wonderful step-by-step Pysanka tutorial

Cutting an egg with a dremel to add a hinge and create a trinket box.
Could be used to also remove back of egg for embroidery (see below)

Ribbon embroidered eggs!

Egg embroidery with cotton thread / floss.
Source : DesignSponge

& here at the Hinterland Mama household.
We have been dyeing with silk fabrics already.

For this year's Easter Tree.
Find it here:- Silk yarn & fabric tutorial.

Happy Easter Crafting


  1. This is a wonderful collection of ideas. I think we will try the rubber band dyed eggs this year. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, these are beautiful. JJ isn't quite up to these yet, but have pinned for in a few years time. :)

  3. So many wonderful ideas. I particularly LOVE the silhouettes. Thanks for compiling this great list.

  4. They are lovely... tie dying eggs with food colouring, fun!

  5. This is the best collection of eggs I have ever seen! I don't even make Easter eggs, but now I will! Thank you!

  6. Absolutely stunning collection of eggs & ideas - they are simply beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Dee at the Carlton

  7. These are amazing decorating ideas for Easter eggs. Thank you for sharing!

    Katherine at Mystical Heart Creations


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