22 March, 2013

A green leafman, woodsman or Robin Hood-esque gift for 7 year old 'E'

 I absolutely love giving hand-made. 
You may have gathered that by now.
And there are some projects, usually those for our young friends, 
that I particularly enjoy creating.

This strong woodland fellow, was a gift I made 
for our friend 'E' who recently turned 7.
A wood and wire doll dressed in wool felt, 
with tools of the trade made from our garden.
I had a feeling that the extra time I took to create him, would be appreciated by this nature loving, Waldorf schooled, boy who's imagination lives in a fantasy world of castles, forests, knights, faeries and fairy tales.

 I only unveiled this gift to my children, the day we were going to present it.
I was fairly sure they would whisk him away outside 
to play in the wilds around our home.
* Yes, they most certainly tried! *
What I didn't expect, was Mr Turtle's decision that an arrow pouch needed to be created before we could give this gift. Which he set to making immediately!


And a card to go with it. As you can see, this is 'E', pictured on the card.
He looks very happy with his Robin Hood - Green Leafman - Woodsman doll.
Don't you agree?


  1. What 7 year old wouldn't love this! And how clever to think of the arrow pouch, and make it!


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