19 February, 2013

Two hours of kids activites with rainbow cups

It's been raining A LOT of late up this way.
Being inventive with what we have to hand 
- creating activities with my little guys, is every day life around here.
Do you own Outdoor stacker cups?

Like these? (Ah... memory lane)

or these?
We filled an entire two hours playing with our set recently.
Here are the ideas we had:

1. Collect rain water! and other garden-like treasures.

2. Split the colours up between children and fill each cup with as many similar coloured items as can be found (of the right size) around the house. 
An alternate kind of treasure hunt.

3. Take each cup - 1 by one - and shout out foods that are similar colours! 
(This was REALLY fun - children can be so creative.)

 4. Tip the cups upside down and lay out in a triangular pattern. 
Yes, like a set of bowling pins. Then use socks for a bowling ball!

5. Balancing... on our heads as we walked, danced, hopped, jumped. On our chins, on the back of our hands... on one foot. Oh My!
 6. Our cups were clear and showed the light through, 
which enabled a lesson in art...
We also used natural food colourings to colour water and pour those inside different coloured cups - for similar effects.  

7. There of course was also stacking, and balancing. Turning them this way and that to achieve both. We found with the shape they are... they don't roll too well.

 8. Throwing isn't something we often do inside. 
However we have small beanbag and felt toys on our Nature Table. 
Using a playcloth as a marker to stand behind 
- we took turns trying to get these into the cups.

9. This was my Little Pipkin's idea. He LOVES to sing. 
Did you know the cups make your voice echo louder when you sing into them? We discovered they most certainly do!
(We found Bob Marley tunes worked perfectly
As did holding them like a microphone and performing for one another!)

10. Finally, a quiet activity - water colour painting.  
Cups are a vessel after all.

What creative cup games can you think of?


  1. Who knew you could do so many fun and creative things with cups :-) And yes, I do remember outdoor stacker cups like in your first photo. My grandparents have them, and thinking about them makes me remember how the taste of water was different, from the metal of the cup :-) Thank you for the memories xx

  2. How wonderful! I love those outdoor stacker cups!
    Will give this a go - we're trying to get outdoors a little more and enjoy the sunshine in different way... cups in on the list! ;) xx

  3. How clever. I love that the kids helped develop the game ideas.

  4. It goes to show you don't need fan-dangled new gismos to entertain the kids! Well done. :)

  5. What lovely ideas with cups!! My teen kept the twins busy the other day stacking with plastic cups...was amazing to watch!!Your first pic evoked lots of memories!

  6. Very clever, lots of fun ideas here. We love stacking cups, making towers and bowling them over. It's amazing what you can do with everyday objects :-)

  7. What a fantastic collection of ideas, who knew you could have so much fun with a tack of plastic cups! The first picture made me smile, I remember my Nanna having those when I was little, we loved them so much and always fought over who would get which colour.


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