03 February, 2013

Sing me a Rainbow... SUNDAYS: 03-Feb-13

Sundays mean many things, to many people.
To me, this is the day to 
Slow down
Spend time with family, 
and to Smile.
Rainbows in all their forms, 
always brighten my day & lift my heart. 
I hope you love them too.

Smile! Be Beautiful
Source: How I view Africa

Dyeing Rainbow Wool Yarn activity

Vintage quilted fabric rainbow heart, Finland 1977
Source: modernspecific, etsy 

> Please leave a link to your own Rainbow 
in the comments, 
 for others to Seek and enjoy.<

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in your own post that you're linking to.


  1. What a lovely idea! I've got a little rainbow post coming up, stay tuned :)

  2. Would love for you to share it here, pop by again soon Danya Banya ♥


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