06 February, 2013

If you made a faerie (fairy) playground...

If you were to make a faerie playground, what would it look like?
What should it include?

Painted trees. A sundial. A compass.
5 lovely little people gathered in our backyard to create just that.
I leave these 5 to their own devices. Aged 4-10 years, they play, communicate and create so well together.
I just love discovering what they've been up to.

Faerie flying Fox

Fairy slide
Climbing wall and Dancing game

Cornucopia of faerie food
Of course, the elves, pixies, gnomes, brownies and all other twee other worldlies that visit our garden, are welcome here too.


  1. Ohh Aleta, how wonderful and magical ~ what great imaginations were at play. I love all the little details and the instructions for how you may dance :-)


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