01 February, 2013

Felt dressed Wooden peg doll gnomes

Over the Summer school holidays, 
while our little scientists have been at work
swinging in the trees 
or swimming in the pool,  - 
I have taken this time to sit by, observe & create .

If you follow my facebook page - you have most likely seen what's new 
in my etsy shop this year.
However, if not - here are my peg doll gnome lovelies.

 Toadstool family
(a project in my mind for sometime)

All of the following peg doll folk, have poseable arms.
Just like my cute embroidered gnomes, for the school market days - did.

Farmer or Woodsman
(I just love his vest!)

Love Heart peg doll Gnome
(with plant dyed felt - in time for Valentine's Day

Snuggly Mama heart peg doll Gnome
(bringing heartfelt love to those in need

As well as dyeing felt. 
I have also been wet felting fleece to make blended colour felts
To dress peg doll gnomes in more unique ways.

3 Heart Love peg doll Gnome
(embroidered hearts everywhere.
I'm rather partial to a heart shape)

 Summer Sunset girl peg doll Gnome
(I wanted to give her a vibrant, funky feel)

Summer Water Garden peg doll Gnome
(serene & peaceful, isn't he?)

Blue Magic girl peg doll Gnome
(there's something 'magician' like about her I think

I would love to hear your thoughts...


  1. They are absolutely lovely! I really want to learn how to dye my own felt and yarn. Perhaps this summer I'll take a closer look at what grows in my garden and see if there's more than good healthy food there.

  2. oh my goodness...you are so very clever...these are absolutely gorgeous! I shall be visiting your shop soon!

  3. All are delightful Aleta and such beautiful craftswomanship.

  4. Spotted these on FB! They are just stunning! I especially adore the toadstool family :)

  5. Thank you for taking the time to leave such lovely words, everyone. ♥

  6. They are absolutely wonderful! Off to etsy to have a look at your shop1


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