25 February, 2013

Balloon Rocket - indoor science fun, on a rainy day

I am really enjoying our science play at the moment.
Learning through action. Most definitely without realising it.

Mostly my boys experiment with all sorts of fun ingredients 
& materials themselves, but now and again I'll remember a project 
I loved when I was young - then we'll all join in together.

Balloon Rockets were one such project. 
Did you do this when you were young?

How to make a Balloon Rocket 
Attach a length (about 2-4 metres) of string at one end, to a chair or door handle.
We chose a book case, as I wanted to surprise my boys with the rocket travelling upwards... defying gravity!

Blow up a balloon. 

Attach a peg (or hold) the neck so as the air stays inside, 
while you sticky tape it to a straw.

Thread the straw onto the length of string.
(Make sure the neck of the balloon is facing the start point

and the inflated part of the balloon facing the end point)

Hold the string taught and then let go of the balloon end 
(or remove the peg)!
We've  seen in action the principle: 
 every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 
(Escaping air propels the balloon in the opposite direction)
We have also learned the effects of Air pressure, Thrust, Force and Acceleration.
All through play and experimentation.

And all we did, was make balloon rockets.


  1. :-) What great fun, and it is amazing how exciting and fun learning about science can be! I only wish my science teachers had been as fun!

  2. I vividly remember doing these in primary school and loved doing them with my girls too, they are so fun! Love that you tried it with the string angled up, even more fun to watch them launch up in the air.

  3. I never did this one. Thanks for sharing. Dimples will have a blast* with this one :-D

  4. Fun! I'm going to give this a go today, JJ will love it!

  5. I remember this and it was so easy to make. Soooo going to do this with Miss Poss when she gets home. Yippee. Off to pin too.

  6. my kids LOVE doing this. We once set up a string outside that was really long to see who's rocket would go the furthest!

  7. I would love to do more Science play with Cam. Do you use any resources for inspiration or are you led by your boys' questions?

  8. utterly brilliant, my son would love this

  9. What a blast from the past....such a great activity and some truly magical memories being made x

  10. How fun are these?!? Every time we do this the kids get so ridiculously excited and go squealing down the hall. Hubby made them a really long one in the yard. They loved it :)

  11. oh my goodness, my 10 year old son would LOVE this. Am putting it aside as some holiday fun!
    Thankyou :)


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