21 January, 2013

Weekend Beetroot - Eating + dyeing hair and felt

 Mmmm Beetroot.
Best when fresh, heavy and firm.
It's flavour a rich, earthy, sweetness.
A deep, beautiful red colour.

Half of this boiled beetroot went on into the oven, with fresh thyme and olive oil.
The other half was diced to eat with goat cheese & spinach leaves.

I use the bright red water to add to my henna - to dye my hair.

Ours was from the farmer's market.
While there, we also bought seedlings to grow our own.

After mixing my hair dye, I added vinegar and a little more hot water to the pot. 
I popped in a piece of washed, undyed felt and left it boiling until exhausted. 
(all of the colour had been taken into the felt.)
The result - this beautiful piece of felt pictured. 
With subtle pink and peach, variegated hues.


  1. Some wonderful ideas to use beetroot! We got a good crop of beetroot last time i planted...i really should do more with it than roasting and canning..thanks for the ideas...your felt looks lovely!

  2. Thanks Jodie.
    I can't wait til ours get big too ;)
    I'm thinking, with Valentine's Day coming up - this felt colour would be perfect to make something particularly Love-y!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, and that felt is inspired!

  4. Nice! That felt looks nice and thick, where do you buy it from please?


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