09 January, 2013

T's Birthday Crystal Gnome Story - Wooden Coins & Rainbow Gnomes

Woodburnt image, Watercolour paint
We recently celebrated a birthday with our little friend 'T'.
I had decided to make story gnomes, 
as inspired by Bekka's (Just For Daisy) Handmade Story Stones.

Thrifted and then fulled. 
This jumper felt made a wonderful bag to keep the coins within.

 Mr Turtle knew that 'T' LOVED both Gnomes and Crystals
So our story coins were based loosely around 'Gnomes of the Crystal Cave...'
Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

 The morning of the party, our boys decided to get busy to add just a little more to the gift.
They used some rainbow fleece fabric to make their own Crystal Gnomes
Filled with wool fleece and hand-stitched. These little fellows wore crystal belts.

I'm pleased to say. All gifts were well received.


  1. These are beautiful!! :) I love them! You're very kind to link to my story stones! Which in turn will link to my inspiration! :) I love the web of the internet! And I love these gnomes! :)

    1. In complete agreement Bekka. I still love my books and crafty magazines, but the internet is really a huge inspiration. I'm so grateful that so many folk are happy to share their talents with us!
      Thank you for the compliment. Your story stones were wonderful.

  2. I just love the story coins. Such a neat idea.
    Where did you find the wooden coins? I'd love to make some as a gift for an up and coming birthday

    1. Thank you Renee.
      Have sent you a message ♥

  3. Too cute and what thoughtful hand-made gifts. I really should introduce more hand-made gifts into our lives. They are really the best gift!

    1. Agreed Penny. Hand and heart created is the best!


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