22 January, 2013

Our temporary adoption of a Noisy Miner fledgling

Out they went, for a (boys only) family bushwalk through the local forest. 
Fairly quickly they were joined by this little 'guy'.
I hear it was quite funny at first.
With him landing on their hats and shoulders. Chirping endlessly.
They tried to lose him by running and faking which path they'd take.
But this was a bird. They couldn't trick him.
THEN, he followed them all the way home.  
He wouldn't take NO for an answer.

 He seemed particularly fond of our eldest 'Mr Turtle'. 
Whom we've always referred to as Nature Boy.
Wouldn't leave his side.

 We did some online research (LOVE the net!).
Found out what these birds ate and set to feeding and watering.
He guzzled everything we presented...

Water. Soldier fly larvae. Ants. Raw honey water.

And finally, after adopting us for around 3 hours. The chirping stopped. He disappeared.
(my boys believe he found some fellow birds to adopt instead)
We haven't seen him since.
But he's left us with treasured memories forever.

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