11 January, 2013

Fun activities for children at Brisbane Museum, QLD

These Summer holidays, we re-attempted our trip to the 
This time driving much of the way and only taking the train over a few stops. 
This gave us ease of parking and flexibility, 
yet still the excitement of catching a train!

Happily the Museum was open, with several exhibitions to experience. 
Which more than made up for it being closed last time
We spent half the day within the 'Explore-a-saurus' exhibit.
With scale sized animated dinosaurs!

Is she real?
The clutch of eggs Mama Apatosaurus was protecting.
 A little fossil excavating

 Colour in your choice of Dinosaur, using a touch screen. 
This was a VERY popular activity with every child there.

 Press the button to select which scenario you would like to see.
Then follow the tracks to see & hear what happens.
Quite imaginative I thought.

And our little musical man couldn't walk past the large screen playing Dinosaur videos. Teaching us in lyrics and movement about some of the different types. 
We had the dance moves down, by the time we left. 
*Big Groovy Grin*

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