15 January, 2013

Drilling gumnuts for future nature craft projects

Since moving to QLD (2.5 years ago), 
there are two things we have had trouble locating.
Large gumnuts, and pinecones without spikes!
Both common when we lived in both Western and Southern Australia.

Photo Source: Simon Food Favourites
and then... On a recent outing, we found fallen Large Gum nuts!

To use them for craft, they need to be empty.
So we all sat under the house, to drill our individual projects.
(My children are never far away...) 

*Please Note: 
  • I have placed two small pieces of thin timber either side of the gumnut, in the vice - to prevent it cracking when I tighten the vice.
  • I am using a hand drill to drill slowly and have more control. If using an electric drill - use a very slow setting, to achieve the same gentle result.
Scooping out the last of the wood and seeds with a pointed file, 
they are all now clear to fit a candle, or something else...
or hang from a mobile without any debris creating a mess inside the house.

Gumnut Confetti!
I thought this was so pretty, when I had finished my work. 
I hand-picked all of the seeds from the confetti, 
and have planted some around and put some away for future planting.

 Now that we finally have found these gum nuts,
I think we'll soon be making more table centre pieces and natural candle holders.

I have some other ideas too...

Bloodwood capsule brooch - Silver Wire
I would love to try this.
I would love to wear this!

And for some ideas from around the World Wide Web -
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  1. What a great find, we have only found the smaller ones near us, will have to keep looking! Can't wait to see what you all create x

    1. We found these under a small tree in a nearby playground. A single gumnut tree amongst many other natives. Keep your eyes peeled, they'll be somewhere!

  2. Great idea, to be so ahead of time by predrilling!! I love those fat gumnuts too and the only place I've found them was under those 'street planted' trees in town. They often seem to use those gums for that...... so have a drive around the suburbs!

    1. I saw a window of opportunity to get some drilling done Evi, and I took it!
      I'll have to keep my eye out when strolling. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Aren't gumnuts wonderful! We have a tree in a neighbours front yard. Am stalking it for fallen ones before they mow :)

    1. Good idea. My heart would break finding them after mowing ;)

  4. Lovely use of the gum nuts, very clever :)

  5. So many fun uses...can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Good idea! I love gumnuts and they can be used in lots of ways too. Oooo a necklace, tree ornaments. Nature is so cool!

  7. Thank you all.
    I love seed pods. I love gum nuts.
    They are beautiful, varied and versatile!
    Nature is indeed very cool :)

  8. I love gumnuts...can't wait to see what you create with them! I remember stepping on those little prickly ones you have in a pic there when i lived in QLD...gosh they hurt! I do love creating with little things from nature though...and of course so do the kids...thanks for linking to our seed pods :)

    1. Casuarina pods I think you mean. Yes, they are spikey to step on!
      I feel we are so blessed to live where we do and are able to interact with Mother Nature every day!
      ...and you're more than welcome Jodie :)

  9. Can't wait to see what comes of these. Is using a drill hard? I've never used one.

    1. I have always loved getting 'in the shed'. (where the male folk in our family keep their tools and create during their free time)
      I was very lucky to have both a Dad and two Grandfathers who were always happy to have we kids come in to share in the latest project 'in the shed'.
      So tools have always held a fascination for me. As does timber and beeswax - two of the smells I remember most from that time.
      Using a drill is simple. Just a little coordination required :)

  10. Beautiful! I say this every time I visit your beautiful blog but we're going to have to go on a nature walk!! :) I think we'll go today, the weather is mild and the bush will be clean and beautiful after the rain last night! xx

  11. Sounds just perfect Bekka ♥
    Have a wonderful time - there's so much to experience x


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