30 January, 2013

Chalk potion science - experimentation in the name of fun

 Our recent foray into the world of science, has led to Our boys producing their own scientific experiments.
This day was all about 'chalk potions'.
They began by crushing chalk pieces into powder.

 To hand they had chalk, glitter, water, limes and lemons (the skins after using the juice to make iceblocks), cuttlefish, leaves & mud.

 There was much discussion, cooperation and general camaraderie. 
A wonderful thing to see between these two brothers (aged 4 & 6).

I was asked to write the descriptions on bags, 
so they could keep these helpful potions to hand.

I will note here. 
That superhero costumes and swimming goggles were deemed necessary
 - "in case of explosions".
Safety first!

I especially like this one: 
"Plant Water - May be good, or maybe not"!

I'm not really sure of the hypothesis going in, nor the surmise coming out.
However, I know both Mr Turtle and Little Pip had a great deal of fun 
and have many more plans of 'science' ahead.


  1. That's awesome. Little scientists making memories. I used to wet talcolm powder and add a purple colouring (I think it was gention violet) and then try to let it dry into a cake when I was little. And I still remember it!

  2. Nawww, it's that adorable! This will be so nice to look back when they are grown men. Scientists indeed!

  3. I used to love doing these types of experiments. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  4. I have a friend whose little 5 year old likes to make potions and do all kinds of mad scientist experiments. He always looks like he is having such fun :)

  5. I love that "maybe good or not"
    what a wonderful experiment looks like they enjoyed themselves

  6. Looks like they had lots of fun. Love that you let them experiment how they wanted to.

  7. Love experiments teaches so much yet it is fun too.

  8. This is my favourite kind of play and so lovely for them to be able to experiment in their own way!

  9. Pebble LOVES experiments at the moment too, and invents a new one each day. I think our kids would love to have a play together :)

  10. Oh this is wonderful Aleta, what precious little lads you have! Love that they are experimenting this way!! {and on a totally different note, I love checking out your books on the side, very tempting!}

  11. This post gave me goosebumps. Not sure whether it was the two brothers working together or there wonderfully creative concoctions????


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