24 January, 2013

A 7th birthday gift of and for faeries : branches and seed pods (fairys - fairies)

What to make as a gift?
For a little girl having journeyed to the significant age of 7.
A little girl who lives in the world of faeries, 
spending much of her time outdoors, with her brothers.

My boys had a wonderful idea, and together we created ~

 A 4 poster Fairy Bed. Essential for Tooth Fairy, luxury garden stop overs.
Complete with a woollen mattress, felt pillow and blanket.

Detail of a gumnut night lamp attached to the post.
A seed pod canoe with popsicle stick oars.
(It really floats)
When it rains here - it pours.
Puddles may need to be negotiated.
A branch bench chair. Seats several faeries I am told 
(because real faeries are "So Teensy")

And I wanted to include my own gift.
A baby gumnut faerie. 
With delicate wings.
I had already thought of making wee gumnut babies, 
when I was drilling out the large gum nuts recently.
I think my first attempt is actually rather darling.

Accompanied by some crystals (in favourite colours)
and a length of hand-dyed yarn with a specially selected glass bead 
(to wear as an anklet).
This was a well-received gift, full of thoughts of friendship and love.


  1. What special whimsical beauties, I especially love all the little touches x

  2. Really, truly special and well thought out!! What a great gift for a little faery girl..... you do come up with some inventive gifts!!!

  3. Thank you everyone. So pleased you like our latest creations.
    I forgot to mention in my post, that my boys did the hammering of everything together, they also came up with the idea for 'R's gift - creative little beings that they are!

  4. Oh my goodness, these are so special, and that gumnut night lamp!!! Too sweet for words.

  5. I have been meaning to pop over and tell you how absolutely gorgeous these are after i saw them on your FB page! So very special...i want them all!!!

  6. Perfect gift for a little girl! What tree is the "canoe" from? :)


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