30 January, 2013

Chalk potion science - experimentation in the name of fun

 Our recent foray into the world of science, has led to Our boys producing their own scientific experiments.
This day was all about 'chalk potions'.
They began by crushing chalk pieces into powder.

 To hand they had chalk, glitter, water, limes and lemons (the skins after using the juice to make iceblocks), cuttlefish, leaves & mud.

 There was much discussion, cooperation and general camaraderie. 
A wonderful thing to see between these two brothers (aged 4 & 6).

I was asked to write the descriptions on bags, 
so they could keep these helpful potions to hand.

I will note here. 
That superhero costumes and swimming goggles were deemed necessary
 - "in case of explosions".
Safety first!

I especially like this one: 
"Plant Water - May be good, or maybe not"!

I'm not really sure of the hypothesis going in, nor the surmise coming out.
However, I know both Mr Turtle and Little Pip had a great deal of fun 
and have many more plans of 'science' ahead.

27 January, 2013

Sing me a Rainbow... SUNDAYS: 27-Jan-13

Sundays mean many things, to many people.
To me, this is the day to 
Slow down
Spend time with family, 
and to Smile.
Rainbows in all their forms, 
always brighten my day & lift my heart. 
I hope you love them too.

Rainbow Birthday Party ideas
Source: Creative Food (with Pixelated Crumb)

Rainbow Bento Lunch
Source: My Bento Art

Supermarket vegetable display San Francisco
Source: San Francisco Citizen

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in the comments, 
 for others to Seek and enjoy.<

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24 January, 2013

A 7th birthday gift of and for faeries : branches and seed pods (fairys - fairies)

What to make as a gift?
For a little girl having journeyed to the significant age of 7.
A little girl who lives in the world of faeries, 
spending much of her time outdoors, with her brothers.

My boys had a wonderful idea, and together we created ~

 A 4 poster Fairy Bed. Essential for Tooth Fairy, luxury garden stop overs.
Complete with a woollen mattress, felt pillow and blanket.

Detail of a gumnut night lamp attached to the post.
A seed pod canoe with popsicle stick oars.
(It really floats)
When it rains here - it pours.
Puddles may need to be negotiated.
A branch bench chair. Seats several faeries I am told 
(because real faeries are "So Teensy")

And I wanted to include my own gift.
A baby gumnut faerie. 
With delicate wings.
I had already thought of making wee gumnut babies, 
when I was drilling out the large gum nuts recently.
I think my first attempt is actually rather darling.

Accompanied by some crystals (in favourite colours)
and a length of hand-dyed yarn with a specially selected glass bead 
(to wear as an anklet).
This was a well-received gift, full of thoughts of friendship and love.

23 January, 2013

Science Curiosity

When I was a kid I LOVED the Curiosity Show. 
(Perhaps it's an Aussie thing)
Along with half the kids in my class.
I could never get the related science books from the library, 
because they were always out on loan!

I remember the disappointment of not being able to do science at home.
Which I think is primarily the reason why I encourage 
my boys to experiment away!

 Recently we watched Dr Deane Hutton's  DVD - Table Top Science.
(this is not a paid endorsement, although I'm very happy to promote it!)

The boys were in heaven and wanted to try everything.
Maybe one day... but for now, we did this -

 SPINNING EGGS - Momentum & Inertia

 EGG IN A BOTTLE - Air Pressure

 MAGIC PENCIL - Polymers

So much fun!
Wonder what we'll try next?

22 January, 2013

Our temporary adoption of a Noisy Miner fledgling

Out they went, for a (boys only) family bushwalk through the local forest. 
Fairly quickly they were joined by this little 'guy'.
I hear it was quite funny at first.
With him landing on their hats and shoulders. Chirping endlessly.
They tried to lose him by running and faking which path they'd take.
But this was a bird. They couldn't trick him.
THEN, he followed them all the way home.  
He wouldn't take NO for an answer.

 He seemed particularly fond of our eldest 'Mr Turtle'. 
Whom we've always referred to as Nature Boy.
Wouldn't leave his side.

 We did some online research (LOVE the net!).
Found out what these birds ate and set to feeding and watering.
He guzzled everything we presented...

Water. Soldier fly larvae. Ants. Raw honey water.

And finally, after adopting us for around 3 hours. The chirping stopped. He disappeared.
(my boys believe he found some fellow birds to adopt instead)
We haven't seen him since.
But he's left us with treasured memories forever.

21 January, 2013

Weekend Beetroot - Eating + dyeing hair and felt

 Mmmm Beetroot.
Best when fresh, heavy and firm.
It's flavour a rich, earthy, sweetness.
A deep, beautiful red colour.

Half of this boiled beetroot went on into the oven, with fresh thyme and olive oil.
The other half was diced to eat with goat cheese & spinach leaves.

I use the bright red water to add to my henna - to dye my hair.

Ours was from the farmer's market.
While there, we also bought seedlings to grow our own.

After mixing my hair dye, I added vinegar and a little more hot water to the pot. 
I popped in a piece of washed, undyed felt and left it boiling until exhausted. 
(all of the colour had been taken into the felt.)
The result - this beautiful piece of felt pictured. 
With subtle pink and peach, variegated hues.
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