16 December, 2012

zuzu&me Giveaway Winner!

It has been wonderful to see both new faces and returning folk alike these last weeks.
Thank you so much for your ongoing support of my blog. 
...And to those who have been entering and sharing these gorgeous giveaways!

 zuzu and her young family, have enjoyed drawing the mystery winner from a basket-full of folded numbers this weekend.
She would like to share a few words with you:

"it's been great reading all the lovely comments coming in. some of them were so heartfelt - I wish I could have given everyone a kit for christmas!! 
thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and visit my facebook and etsy pages. 
if you have a yearning to celebrate your christmas' with your own dancing angels, please note that there are only a few kits still available from my zuzu&me etsy shop.

after many requests, i've created packs of four cards with the beautiful photography of the angels in my garden - and I've reduced the price for anyone purchasing them with a kit! 
congratulations marie from softearth art. your kit will be flying over to you in new zealand very soon! 
blessings for the new year to you all, zuzu xx"
...and Marie's comments were ~
"Lovely, just popped over to her Etsy shop, the little peach crown kits are cool..."
"Also love the little summer fairy on Facebook, cheers Marie"

 How wonderful, congratulations to you Marie!
I have always loved your beautiful work on Softearth


  1. Congratulations Marie, what a lovely giveaway.

  2. Oh I am very excited about this, how lovely, cheers Marie


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