16 December, 2012

Sing me a Rainbow... SUNDAYS: 16-Dec-12

Sundays mean many things, to many people.
To me, this is the day to 
Slow down
Spend time with family, 
and to Smile.

Rainbows in all their forms, 
always brighten my day & lift my heart. 
I hope you love them too. 

Summer family
 Source: Softearth Art

Crochet Daisy stitch - bootie pattern
Source: Megan Mills 

'Rainbow Dreams'

> Please leave a link to your own Rainbow 
in the comments, 
 for others to Seek and enjoy.<

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  1. My rainbow story is of my eldest Charli whom has a special connection with Rainbows...he is always the first to spot one and when it was his bdy last year, we went outside to take some photos on a drizzly,overcast day and as we were about to snap in the background was the most magnificent full rainbow we had ever seen...just magical!


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