19 December, 2012

How to make natural beeswax & oil wood polish

To make a low allergy, pure and natural wood polish, 
I prefer to use grapessed oil (which is less likely to turn 
rancid and is high in Linoleic acid ) with bees wax. 

 I use the polish to condition, seal and protect the wooden item 
I have so lovingly taken time and care to create.
This combination is particularly nourishing - for the wood and my hands -, 
penetrative, and has been used by 
European wooden instrument craftsmen for centuries.

I use 5 parts grapeseed oil to one part beeswax. 
This gives me a firm consistancy, yet soft enough to apply readily.

I use the bees wax  I have to hand.
This time it was very pure beeswax, purchased from Queen B

It contains no impurities in it whatsoever. 

 If I use the dark yellow beeswax available locally at the markets, 
I find the consistency a little different at this same ratio. 
The resultant mix is somewhat softer.

  • Over a low heat, I use a diffuser to spread the heat evenly and to lower the temperature even further, underneath the heating vessel. 
  • I place the beeswax into the vessel and allow to warm slowly, until melted. I then add the oil and stir until incorporated. 
  • Once both ingredients have reached the same temperature (the mix becomes clear), turn off the heat. 
  • As the polish cools, gently stir it, repeatedly. This helps the polish to remain smooth and atheistically pleasing. (thank you to Shannon of Rhythm and Rhyme for that tip!
  Once completely cool, the polish will be fairly firm. 
However, as used, it will melt with the warmth of your fingers and the action of polishing. 
I prefer to use my hands, without a cloth to apply, 
giving myself a mini moisturising treatment as I go!

After leaving the polish on for at least a few hours 
(usually overnight), we use towelling to to remove the excess polish. 
To reveal a delicate smelling, smooth and protected wooden treasure. 

**Quick tip ~ It's wonderful as a lip balm and moisturising hand cream too! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely be trying some.
    This summer I made calendula balm using olive oil but it has gone all grainy despite keeping it in the fridge. Do you think grapeseed oil would have been a better option?

    1. Hi Emma. Lip Balm has been on my 'to do' list now for 3 years! I found this thread on the exact topic you're speaking about. Follow the link to find more info from those more experienced than I. I hope it's helpful to you~ http://www.soapdisharchives.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19779


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