27 November, 2012

School Christmas market day 2012

The school Christmas market day is on this Friday.
There are so many talented folk all around us, that there is always
 something new and exciting to touch, see, taste, hear and buy.

 The school craft group have made these gorgeous 'gnome tents'.
Accompanied by a fire and gnomes, they will together make up
a wondrous village. 
Looking forward to see them all together.
addition *These sold out VERY quickly
(of course!)
My little dragon contribution
And the 'Treasure House' will be selling wee felt dragons, 
amongst many other wonders.

Can't wait!


  1. I love those tents! Such simple and dynamic forms. I gather they are wet felted? That dragon will make a child very happy!

  2. Oh I too love the tents! Would love a quick how too on them and a photo of the whole village!

  3. Those tents are inspiring! Have a wonderful time at the market


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