06 November, 2012

Folding origami window stars from Kite Paper

A visit to our school Treasure House after school, 
resulted in a pack of kite paper.

 A quick internet search gave us a tutorial to create our own Folded Window Stars.

Both boys found it quite straight forward (aged 4 & 6).
Their favourite part was glueing the points and choosing which colours would go next to each other.

And quite addictive.
I want to find patterns for  more intricate stars for myself. 
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I can imagine folding after dinner, before the bedtime routine begins, 
might be a soothing, family activity.



  1. They are gorgeous! And so funny, I ordered kite paper a couple of days ago to try these out :-) Searching on Pinterest for patterns might be the go!

    1. If you find some Kelly, please let me know :)

  2. We love making them, too. :) I really like Thomas Berger's book *Window Stars.* There are so many pattern variations, that years later I still haven't tried them all. xo

    1. I'm glad to hear that Sara. I found that title on the book depository and have it on my wishlist!
      My youngest loves origami and paper planes and I have been looking at these stars on etsy for a while now. Thinking 'I can do that'! As we crafty folk do ;)


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