06 November, 2012

Christmas tree decorations/ornaments - crocheted bird nests

I've been making nests of late.
Is it due to Spring? 
Is it the fact my sister is very 'overdue' with her 2nd baby?
Or perhaps it is the many, many birds pairing up all around us right now?

Below are 3 images of trees, full of Weaver Bird nests.

Source: http://photos.sulekha.com/albums/uttaranchal/16429/slideshow/97830.htm
Source: http://botswana-bound.blogspot.com.au/2007_11_01_archive.html     
Source: http://www.travelblog.org/Photos/4216083           
 I think they're incredible.
They've impressed me for years.

This Christmas I had the impulse to re-create the effect.
With crochet, in the manner of Christmas stockings. 
So that the decorative ornaments are able to hold things. 

 I'm selling them as a group of 5 in my new etsy store.

This year I think we'll have a 'proper' tree.
Rather than being creative with alternatives like in 2010 & 2011.
I can't wait to see these crochet nests, in full-effect.

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