14 November, 2012

Christmas ornament swap parcel!

I joined in on Natural Suburbia's Christmas Ornament swap this year.
I am so very glad I did.

 It's always nice to make a surprise gift for someone.
However, it's equally as wonderful to received a surprise gift in the mail!
My swap partner was Sara. 
Author of the blog 'Schooling from the Heart'.
Coincidentally, I have long admired Sara's work
(see my recent vegetable garden post).

 To say I was excited when I opened the mailbox 
wouldn't nearly be a sufficient description.

 To say I was ecstatic when I saw what was inside the parcel...
A little gnome, complete with his sack full of 
glistening light for the first Advent.
...well, I think you understand. 

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Worldwide entry - ends November 19th 


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that I missed out on joining in this swap (not that I do not have enough on my plate with the holidays), but Wow!!! What a precious little gnome! I really want to try my hand at making two similar style gnomes for my little ones, what a great companion and just small enough to fit into their little hands.

  2. Incidentally Cynthia,my 4 year old has taken this little gnome to be his own.
    While he sleeps, as I type, my little Pipkin has hung the gnome within reach, by his bed.
    The gnome is gorgeous, soft and warm. Perfect for little hands, as you say, and little hearts ♥

  3. Oh Aleta, what a beautiful gnome, I am so happy you joined and enjoyed the swap and your embroidered heart is just gorgeous!

    1. Thank YOU Linda for bringing Sara and I together. I'm very, very grateful.
      And these swaps are always so well organised. You're a gem.
      With love xx

  4. Wow Aleta, your heart is delightful - the colours are perfect and the gnome is just fabulous. I participated too by making two felted ornaments for my swap partner and I received the divine needle felted St Lucia from the superb craftsperson at Fruits of the Heart - what an absolute treasure she is. (There is a picture on her blog). Isn't Linda great to be organising these swaps?

    1. Dearest Daffodil Angel.
      Your sentiments are so beautiful, as always.
      Goodness - St Lucia - how wonderful! I've just had a peek and I think I've found a new blog to follow ♥ & Yes, Linda is incredible, for Oh so many reasons!
      Where can I see your creations? I'd love to x


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