17 November, 2012

A new friend's gift from the sun - Waldorf Window Stars

Just last week we were folding window stars.
An activity I had long wanted to attempt, for myself and with my boys.

These are the reverse sides, but I am captivated by the folds!
The postman came on Thursday.
With an envelope filled with another surprise.
These gorgeous little treasures, and a note that read -
"to welcome the magic of the sun during the festival of light"

These folded paper stars, really do that oh so beautifully.
They gather and filter the light, perfectly.

"Thank you Sara. 
You friendship and your creations have certainly brought smiles, 
warmth and magic into our lives."

For further reading:~ 
Sara recommended I try the book "Window Stars" by Thomas Berger

Two other titles have also caught my eye:

"Magical Window Stars" by Frederique Gueret

I believe I have been bitten by the crafting bug once again.


  1. Oh aren't they lovely! I've found a couple of tutorials searching through Pinterest -




  2. How very sweet, I tried to make one of the paper star lanterns but it came out looking like a crumpled pile of water colors, I may give these a try to see if I have any more luck or if folding is just not my medium.

    1. I think it's great that you're giving these activities a go. You will find your calling... There'll be a medium one day that hooks you. :)
      And, as an alternative. If you don't have success with folding, but would still like the effect on your windows. Perhaps cut-outs of shapes would suit you more? Crepe and Kite paper look gorgeous with light shining behind them, regardless of their shape. ღ

  3. These are just beautiful! I would love to give them a go. How old would you recommend a child to be to attempt one of these with some success?

    1. It really depends on the child. I know a little girl who was so coordinated, patient and determined at age two, she was successful at both origami and using chopsticks!
      My eldest has only really just started to develop patience and determination in the last year (he's 6 1/2). However my youngest was calmly doing 100 piece puzzles and origami last year, aged 3.
      I say - give it a go! If you yourself stay focused and patient, the activity will move forward in a positive way. And if your child is not ready, they'll watch or move away and you can try again in 6 months or so. ღ

  4. They really are such fun to make. I'm so pleased you like them. :)


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