30 November, 2012

Busily Building - morning fun

With the sun, awakens my children.
Summer has come and since birth, my children rise with the birds.

This is one of the times of the day, they feel most creative.
Implementing ideas from the day before, or dreams and co-operating together.

This morning it was making walls tumble, with wooden blocks.

 The building a little more complex than when they were toddlers and enjoying a similar idea...

27 November, 2012

School Christmas market day 2012

The school Christmas market day is on this Friday.
There are so many talented folk all around us, that there is always
 something new and exciting to touch, see, taste, hear and buy.

 The school craft group have made these gorgeous 'gnome tents'.
Accompanied by a fire and gnomes, they will together make up
a wondrous village. 
Looking forward to see them all together.
addition *These sold out VERY quickly
(of course!)
My little dragon contribution
And the 'Treasure House' will be selling wee felt dragons, 
amongst many other wonders.

Can't wait!

25 November, 2012

Introducing... Sing Me a Rainbow SUNDAYS 25-Nov-12

Sundays mean many things, to many people.
To me, this is the day to 
Slow down
Spend time with family
and to Smile.

Rainbows in all their forms, 
always brighten my day & lift my heart. 
I hope you love them too.

Colourful Cookies
Source:: Selby's food corner

Lucky wishing stars Tutorial
Source:: Folding Trees

Rainbow, Dove, Rain ribbon necklace
Source:: MIXKO, etsy

> Please leave a link to your own Rainbow 
in the comments, 
 for others to Seek and enjoy.<

Feel free to include this image
in your own post that you're linking to.

22 November, 2012

Christmas Tree Beeswax candles

 You would know by now how much I love the scent and purity of 
beeswax candles.
Queen B recently posted a tutorial on 

We found it very straight forward, simple and effective.

Ready for our Christmas dinner table.

21 November, 2012

Winner of Happy Whimsical Hearts / Hinterland Mama Giveaway!!!

Both Kelly of Happy Whimsical Hearts, and I agree,  
our collaboration was lots of fun!

Thank you to every one of you who entered and have shown us support in our online adventures
 Now, with no further ado...

...  the winner of the wooden scarecrow and felt vegetable garden is: ~ 

Ronnie of Homemade Happy

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Max: 137
Result: 93
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Fantastic collaboration! Kellie inspired me to give wood burning a go earlier this year and I always love to see what new treats she comes up with."

Congratulations Ronnie!
I'm sure your little ones will really love this prize. 
(Ours did!)
Thank you so much for joining in, how lovely to have discovered your beautiful blog.  
I'm looking forward to following Homemade Happy

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