24 October, 2012

My little 'Craftists' (craft-artists)

This is more than a proud Mama post.
It is.
I thought others might get some creative activity ideas.
That's why I wrote this post. 
Yes. That's why.

The works below are both fairly recently created by my youngest aged 4. 
Little Pipkin.

A needle felted 'HUG' gnome (with blanket).
A return gift for a friend who gave her own hug gnome to our boys, very nearly the same.
So, a copy, but Oh So Sweet!

'Pictures in their own frames', I was told when these were presented to me. 
I'd wondered what he'd been up to downstairs.
The first is  one of the Billy Goats Gruff. 
The second is a portrait of me. I see the resemblance.

And this 'Dragon Lair' was built by Mr Turtle aged 6. 
He made it secretly for his brother as a gift to house the the tiny dragon Little Pipkin had bought at a school market day.

My swollen heart fills with pride and love 
at these giving, loving little boys, 
who fill my life with light.


  1. Yep, you're allowed to be a proud mama!! Well done to the boys and to you for encouraging them in their crafty endeavours!!

  2. These are such beautiful gifts. I especially love your portrait :)


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