21 October, 2012

Holiday crafting

I have found that kids love to play with kids more than anything. 
The next highest love is 'doing'. 
Whether that be digging, baking or making - they're drawn to it.

During the school holidays we did a lot of craft. 
With lots of little local friends.
My favourite part was teaching some of the kids to finger knit and hand-sew, who had never done it before. Of course they got the hang of both in minutes.
Kids do.

Needle felting day. Making dolls and pictures.
Hand-sewing day. Making decorations and pin cushions.
Shell and bead Christmas decoration, by a non-sewer!
Spring fleece doll by a 6 year old!

Garden spirit gnome doll, by Mr Turtle

Sunset over a Robin in Snow. Needle felt picture by Little Pipkin

We had a wonderful school holiday break.
How was yours?


  1. Dear Aleta, you are giving me more courage each day for me to let my kiddos needle-felt. Lovely blog! I enjoyed this article. Have a beautiful week! Jzin in California.

  2. Beautiful crafting occurring in your neck of the woods Aleta :-) Sunset over a Robin in snow is simply delicious, and I love the gnome doll and spring doll!! What clever creative children :-)

  3. The creativity and the sense of color they are showing they will go too far. The color combination is so pleasant...
    arts and crafts


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