10 September, 2012

Wool Felt Knights, a King & a woodburnt Castle

I have been creating again. 
Actually quite a lot of late. And it Feels Good!

I will have more to show you soon. But for now.
Let me introduce you to my latest pride and joy. 

I had a request to make Knights, a King and a Castle.
For the birthday of a 'big' friend (he is turning 7).

 I couldn't find a knight pattern anywhere, and so designed my own.
That's SO much more fun anyway.


  1. What a magical little kingdom you have created Aleta!!

  2. I love these! How creative. :)

  3. Thank you everyone. I just love how a thought can be transformed into a tangible piece through creation ♥

  4. I love your work!
    A simple work with so much creativity!
    I love the medieval time and I´ve also made some work with Knight and Ladyes.
    This is my litte blog and i would like very much your opinion.
    Thank you very much and i will follow your blog, wich is beautiful!

    1. I've been following you on facebook Teresa.I love your castles, knight and princess felt designs. Your blog is lovely. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. ♥

  5. Those knights are the cutest!


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