04 September, 2012

We made our own ~ Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

 This is our new Rose Quartz crystal tree.
We made our own and the process was rather simple.
See below 
(Sweet white gnome made by 'Zuzu & me')  

  This is my original quartz crystal tree.
I've had it for years and unpack it now only for our Winter table each year.
Mr Turtle is enamored with rose quartz these days and therefore wanted a new tree.
I suggested we try to make our own.
 We had everything already to hand.
Some thin jewellery wire. A large piece of quartz 
and smaller pieces for the 'leaves'.

 I involved my boys as much as I could.
We cut random, long lengths of wire, folded them in half around a skewer (to make a loop to glue the 'leaves' to). Then twisted down the length. 
Leaving some 'roots' loose, to glue onto the quartz base.

 We repeated this step with shorter pieces too. 
Then twisted them on to the long 'branches'.

 We then twisted all of the 5 lengths together, to form a 'trunk'. 
Again, leaving some loose 'roots' for glueing.

I used my hot glue gun to secure the wire 'roots' onto the quartz base.
Mr Turtle quickly added small pieces of rose quartz into the now, warm glue, 
to cover up the wire 'roots'.

 We added the 'leaves' to both sides of each loop. 
Both Mr Turtle and Little Pipkin searched out the 'perfect' pieces 
(those with at least one flat side). 
I added the small pieces of quartz with hot glue, 
pressing them together for a few seconds.

Ready for Spring.

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