12 September, 2012

The next stage - acknowledging the change in our 'little one'

There have been a few indications that Mr Turtle is growing into himself.
  • He looks, reacts and thinks a little differently than even a few months ago.
  • He has very definite ideas, and spouts reasonable logic to support them.
  • He is very passionate and decisive about his preferences, yet willing to go with the flow if an obstacle presents itself. 
  • His already exceptional self-confidence and social skills come across with a noticeably developing maturity.
Mr Turtle has always loved the ocean and has always wanted to surf.
I am pretty sure he really is part turtle.

This year we felt confident surfing really might be a good idea.
 He wanted to do it for himself.
We wanted to support him.

The trial lesson went VERY well.
He loved it. 
Everyone loved him (well, who wouldn't? *grin*)
Surfing lessons... here we come!

No Fear. 
Absolute Self-confidence.
Manners, Poise, Empathy & Respect.
I'm so proud of my gorgeous growing boy.

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