30 September, 2012

Our very organised - first Tooth Fairy visit

It Happened!
On the 21st September 2012.
My first born lost his first tooth!
(as correctly predicted by Mr Turtle himself )
I cuddled and smiled, and yes, I cried.

"Mama, my tooth is REALLY wobbly now". 
That alone brought tears to my eyes 4 days earlier.
But I knew it was coming. 
We were prepared. My Man and I, having spoken about the event, months before the first tooth wobbled. 
We spoke with our friends. We asked our children what they 'knew' the Tooth Fairy to be.

You see. 
We may not believe in the jolly red suited Santa here. 
We may not believe in the chocolate laden Easter Bunny either.
BUT Gnomes? Faeries? Oh yes. They are real.

 Here is the information given to us, by Mr Turtle and Little Pipkin.
  • All Tooth fairies give a gold coin in exchange for a tooth.
  • They only like clean teeth.
  • There are boy AND girl fairies.
  • There is a different tooth fairy in every area. 
  • Tooth fairies are magic.
  • Tooth fairies like letters.
Wet felted door hanging pouch with pocket
Golden fairy coins. The edges were later rolled in gold glitter.
The tiny stars were to leave a trail of fairy magic.
The fairy left the coin and crystals in this shimmering blue/gold bag.
The felt pouch was made, as my gift and acknowledgement to my son, that this was indeed a very special time. He was soon to cross over into the next stage of his life. 
Big kid land.
The night before he asked if we thought polishing his tooth would be a good idea? We agreed. The tooth was then carefully placed in the pouch, with a tiny letter dictated to me by Mr Turtle.

The tooth was replaced with 
  • a scroll, written by Mr Turtle's very own Tooth fairy 'Shade'. 
  • a shimmering bag containing a golden coin and 3 Tiger eye crystal beads (we plan to give him enough over the coming years to make a necklace he can wear as a symbol of his Big Boydom)
  • a leaf from Shade's forest home.
And the rainbow stars were sprinkled from the forest, onto the driveway and then from the window sill to the pouch. The magic fairy trail marked.

All was recieved with such excitement by both our little men in the morning. 
Such a delight!
I think now that I have accepted the crossing over of my growing up boy, I'm almost as excited about tooth number two, as Mr Turtle is.

12 September, 2012

The next stage - acknowledging the change in our 'little one'

There have been a few indications that Mr Turtle is growing into himself.
  • He looks, reacts and thinks a little differently than even a few months ago.
  • He has very definite ideas, and spouts reasonable logic to support them.
  • He is very passionate and decisive about his preferences, yet willing to go with the flow if an obstacle presents itself. 
  • His already exceptional self-confidence and social skills come across with a noticeably developing maturity.
Mr Turtle has always loved the ocean and has always wanted to surf.
I am pretty sure he really is part turtle.

This year we felt confident surfing really might be a good idea.
 He wanted to do it for himself.
We wanted to support him.

The trial lesson went VERY well.
He loved it. 
Everyone loved him (well, who wouldn't? *grin*)
Surfing lessons... here we come!

No Fear. 
Absolute Self-confidence.
Manners, Poise, Empathy & Respect.
I'm so proud of my gorgeous growing boy.

10 September, 2012

Wool Felt Knights, a King & a woodburnt Castle

I have been creating again. 
Actually quite a lot of late. And it Feels Good!

I will have more to show you soon. But for now.
Let me introduce you to my latest pride and joy. 

I had a request to make Knights, a King and a Castle.
For the birthday of a 'big' friend (he is turning 7).

 I couldn't find a knight pattern anywhere, and so designed my own.
That's SO much more fun anyway.

04 September, 2012

We made our own ~ Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

 This is our new Rose Quartz crystal tree.
We made our own and the process was rather simple.
See below 
(Sweet white gnome made by 'Zuzu & me')  

  This is my original quartz crystal tree.
I've had it for years and unpack it now only for our Winter table each year.
Mr Turtle is enamored with rose quartz these days and therefore wanted a new tree.
I suggested we try to make our own.
 We had everything already to hand.
Some thin jewellery wire. A large piece of quartz 
and smaller pieces for the 'leaves'.

 I involved my boys as much as I could.
We cut random, long lengths of wire, folded them in half around a skewer (to make a loop to glue the 'leaves' to). Then twisted down the length. 
Leaving some 'roots' loose, to glue onto the quartz base.

 We repeated this step with shorter pieces too. 
Then twisted them on to the long 'branches'.

 We then twisted all of the 5 lengths together, to form a 'trunk'. 
Again, leaving some loose 'roots' for glueing.

I used my hot glue gun to secure the wire 'roots' onto the quartz base.
Mr Turtle quickly added small pieces of rose quartz into the now, warm glue, 
to cover up the wire 'roots'.

 We added the 'leaves' to both sides of each loop. 
Both Mr Turtle and Little Pipkin searched out the 'perfect' pieces 
(those with at least one flat side). 
I added the small pieces of quartz with hot glue, 
pressing them together for a few seconds.

Ready for Spring.
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